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This GAP Web Site is provided by Eawag, (Swiss Federal Instiute of Aquatic Science and Technolo-
gy, Postfach 611, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland).

The hazard maps contained in this GAP Web Site show the potential of arsenic- and fluoride-
contamination of groundwater. They are based on models that statistically correlate measured da-
ta points and geospatial information that are proxies for biogeochemical processes in groundwa-
ter bodies and the maps show the areas where the probability of contamination is above or below
a certain threshold. Also, due to heterogeneity of aquifer systems, contaminated wells might lie
right next to uncontaminated ones.

Thus the maps are no substitute for independent assessment and monitoring.

These Terms of Use represent a contract between Eawag and you as User of the GAP Web
Site concerning the use of said Web Site.

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